Cline’s pathetic Biden-bashing

Congressman Cline was a guest this week on the radio show of Charlottesville-based right-winger Rob Schilling. No tough questions, of course. Just some invitations to talk about how allegedly awful a candidate Joe Biden is (including the obligatory reference to “sleepy Joe”). According to Cline, Biden is “gonna be led by the Left, by the … Continue reading Cline’s pathetic Biden-bashing

Cline rejects federal aid for states and cities but demands it for coal, oil and gas companies

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin wrote in Friday’s Washington Post: With 14.7 percent unemployment and state and local governments on the verge of more layoffs, Senate and House Republicans are urging Trump to oppose relief that would keep hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, public hospital nurses and … Continue reading Cline rejects federal aid for states and cities but demands it for coal, oil and gas companies

Cline’s statement on the CARES Act

To his credit, Congressman Cline overcame his usual objections to “big government” and deficit spending to support the more than $2 trillion CARES Act relief package responding to the COVD-19 emergency. Unfortunately Cline couldn’t resist taking a shot at Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He rarely does resist. (Congressman: We know by now that Pelosi … Continue reading Cline’s statement on the CARES Act

Cline votes NO on coronavirus response bill

The Washington Post reports: The House overwhelmingly passed an economic relief bill early Saturday for the coronavirus, dedicating tens of billions of dollars for paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, free testing and other measures to help Americans impacted by the crisis. The 363-40 vote — gaveled down just before 1 a.m. — capped two days … Continue reading Cline votes NO on coronavirus response bill

Cline opposes bill to cut prescription drug prices

Taking a break from repeating dubious Republican talking points and finally voting “no” in the House Judiciary Committee on both articles of impeachment against President Trump , Congressman Cline joined almost all Republicans to vote once again against the interests of his constituents. Sharpening their 2020 election message, House Democrats on Thursday pushed through legislation … Continue reading Cline opposes bill to cut prescription drug prices

Cline helps disrupt Congressional hearing

Judging from his latest Facebook post, Congressman Cline is actually proud of participating in a pathetic, desperate stunt that disrupted a Congressional hearing Wednesday morning. (Watch Cline enter at 0.11.) Developing: House GOP members storm a secure hearing room to interrupt witness testimony in the impeachment inquiry into @realDonaldTrump @RepMattGaetz led the charge. … Continue reading Cline helps disrupt Congressional hearing

Cline’s form letter non-response

Replying to my recent message— asking Congressman Cline when he would start putting country above party and above his fear of being “primaried,” and stop overlooking Trump’s wild behavior and flagrant abuse of power– he has sent me the following unresponsive form letter. October 4, 2019 Dear Mr. Zitver, Thank you for contacting my office … Continue reading Cline’s form letter non-response

Trump or the country? Cline chooses Trump

Based on his record, there was no reason to believe Congressman Cline would be anything other than a blindly loyal hyper-partisan defender of President Trump no matter how blatant his abuse of power. First Cline shrugged off the serious evidence against Trump in the Mueller Report. Now he is determined to do the same when … Continue reading Trump or the country? Cline chooses Trump

Cline doesn’t shock us

In December I wondered if then Congressman-elect Cline would shock us by supporting H.R. 1, a Democratic-backed bill to “create automatic voter registration, require paper ballots, reduce partisan gerrymandering, limit big money in politics, require political groups to disclose donors, bar Congress members from serving on corporate boards and require presidents to disclose their tax … Continue reading Cline doesn’t shock us