Cline and Riggleman will hold town hall October 9 in Bedford County

Congressman Cline and 5th District Congressman Denver Riggleman have announced plans to hold a town hall meeting on Wednesday October 9 in Bedford County from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Bedford Campus of Central Virginia Community College, 1633 Venture Boulevard, Bedford, Virginia.

Bedford County is split between Cline’s and Riggleman’s districts.

According to the announcement:

Citizens of Bedford County will be given priority regarding comments during the town hall.

Constituents may register for the town hall here.

Perhaps some of our Bedford County readers can take the opportunity to ask Cline about some of the things he has said and done, as chronicled here and elsewhere, since he was sworn in as our representative in Washington.

Waiting to hear from Cline about Trump

As a constituent of Congressman Cline, I have just sent him the following message via his website.

Dear Congressman Cline:

In recent days President Trump has:

Accused Congressman Adam Schiff of treason and suggested that he be arrested because of the impeachment inquiry that he is leading.

–Warned of the possibility of civil war if he is impeached, a warning which Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger called “beyond repugnant.”

–Demanded to know the identity of the whistleblower who filed a complaint about Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, drawing a rebuke from Republican Senator Charles Grassley.

So far all we have from you is a statement accusing the Speaker of the House of caving into “the far-left” of her party on impeachment, and dismissing the serious allegations against Trump as “rumors, phone transcripts, and third-party allegations”– allegations which the inspector general of the intelligence community called “urgent.”

My question for you– and I would like an answer for a change– is when will you start putting country above party and above your fear of being “primaried,” and stop overlooking Trump’s wild behavior and flagrant abuse of power?

Gene Zitver