Last year, during the Red Hen restaurant controversy, Congressman Cline posted the following on his Twitter account:

Congressman Cummings was not the only Democrat who said that regardless of deep political differences, the Red Hen should have served Sarah Sanders.

In this case Cline was pleased to praise civility. But like virtually every other Republican in Congress, he is willing to remain silent in the face of behavior that goes far beyond incivility.

No political disagreements, no matter how profound, justify such racist and xenophobic language.

It’s easy for Cline to denounce what he considers bad behavior by Democrats. He does it all the time. The real test of courage is a willingness to denounce, when necessary, his fellow Republicans– up to and including the President of the United States.

I can find no evidence that Cline has ever dared to say a critical word about the hateful, divisive abuse that President Trump spews on a daily basis.

Please, Congressman: Until you are prepared to call out your own side, no more pious talk about “civility.”


“We can’t afford it” watch

“In one of my first speeches after being sworn in, I reintroduced four words to Congress that Washington needs to hear again and again: we can’t afford it.”
–Congressman Ben Cline, The Roanoke Times

“I will continue to vote against wasteful spending and demand fiscal responsibility in Washington in all areas. If we can find ways to balance our state budgets and our family budgets, I believe it is time for the federal government to follow suit.”
–Congressman Ben Cline, Sixth District Perspectives

So the entrance fees that National Parks visitors pay in the expectation that their money will be used to maintain and improve the parks will instead be used to feed Donald Trump’s gargantuan ego.

And no one should be surprised if the final price tag for this boondoggle is far more than $2.5 million.

Congressman Cline: I know your outrage about fiscal irresponsibility is extremely selective. But is this the kind of spending we can afford?

Cline will hold town hall July 9 in Augusta County

Congressman Cline has announced plans to hold a town hall meeting (register here) on Tuesday July 9 from 12-1:30 p.m. (an inconvenient time for most working people) at Stuarts Draft Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9339, 3251 Stuarts Draft Highway, Stuarts Draft, VA.

According to the announcement:

Citizens of Augusta County will be given priority regarding comments during the town hall. Signs and noisemakers are prohibited.

Perhaps some of our Augusta County readers can take the opportunity to ask Cline about some of the things he has said and done, as chronicled here and elsewhere, since he was sworn in as our representative in Washington.