Cline whines at impeachment hearing

You can watch Congressman Cline’s petulant performance at Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing below. It’s another reminder that he is putting blind loyalty to President Trump above any effort to uncover or deal with actual facts.

As usual, Cline refuses to address the massive evidence of Trump’s abuse of power, but rather complains about the supposed lack of evidence– some of which might be remedied by Trump allowing the release of subpoenaed documents and the testimony of subpoenaed witnesses.

Cline seems to suggest that impeachment of a president is never justified under any circumstances, because there is always another election. This raises the question of why the Founding Fathers included it in the Constitution in the first place.

Cline claims to carry a copy of the Constitution with him at all times. He might want to pull it out some time and read Article 1, Section 2, which gives the House of Representatives “the sole power of impeachment” and Article 2, Section 4, which says: “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Finally, Cline doesn’t even bother to question any of the witnesses and instead yields to another Republican congressman.

A poor show all around, Congressman.



Cline’s Star Wars analogy pleases Trump

The Daily Beast reports:

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) on Monday morning about the “big difference in the look and feel of the hearing happening on Wednesday compared to the 31 hours we saw before the Intel Committee. Chairman Jerry Nadler has a very different style than Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intel committee. What do you expect from him and how he will lead this hearing on Wednesday?”

“We had Star Wars—the Empire got destroyed just like the Mueller report got destroyed,” the Republican lawmaker declared. “The sequel is here. It’s The Empire Strikes Back, or as we like to say, ‘The Intelligence Committee strikes back, Adam Schiff strikes back.’ We all know how the story ends.”

The conservative congressman insisted that the Trump administration are the heroes, i.e., the Rebel Alliance, of this real-life saga, thus implying that the president would be Luke Skywalker—a commander of Rebel forces—in this analogy.

“The rebels win,” Cline concluded. “Ultimately the president will be exonerated and we don’t anticipate any reason to go forward with these hearings.”

The actor who portrayed Luke Skywalker has a different Star Wars character in mind.


Cline’s statement that Trump will be exonerated suggests that he has no interest in hearing or seeing the evidence. He has consistently declined to discuss the actual allegations against Trump.

Trump was watching his favorite network, and tweeted his appreciation for Cline’s sycophancy.

“Thank you to Congressman Ben @Cline4Virginia for the Great remarks this morning on the illegitimate Impeachment Hoax,” the president wrote. “He understands the Do Nothing Democrats very well.”

Cline was then asked how often the question of impeachment has come up on his visits to the Sixth District. For whatever reason, he didn’t answer the question but again talked about how unfair he considers the process.


Cline raises funds for Elise Stefanik

Congressman Cline has emailed his supporters asking them to donate to the reelection campaign of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York.

Cline wrote:

Did you see Adam Schiff’s attempts last week to silence Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik during his impeachment hearing in the Intelligence Committee? The Democrats are completely throwing out the rule book in order to tip the scales in their impeachment circus.

In fact, as Monica Hesse of The Washington Post explained:

Early in the afternoon, Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), the Republican ranking member of the intelligence committee, attempted to yield some of his time to Stefanik. This attempt, however, violated a House resolution: Only ranking members and their staff counsel were allowed to speak at that moment. So when Stefanik began a question, Schiff gaveled over her.

“What is the interruption for this time?” Stefanik asked witheringly. Schiff explained, and then, when Stefanik again spoke, he again cut her off.

Nunes got involved: “You’re gagging the young lady from New York?” he fumed, in an interesting turn of phrase. Stefanik is 35 — hardly elderly, but well beyond the age to which “young lady” is reasonably applied.

In other words, Schiff wasn’t “throwing out the rule book”; he was following the rules.

Cline continued:

Not only was Elise mistreated by Adam Schiff, but Democrats used the opportunity to spread a vulgar, photo-shopped picture of her to raise money for her opponent.

Now, in this past week over $1.5 million dollars has been raised to replace Elise with a pro-impeachment Democrat — we can’t let this happen!

I stand with Elise, and I am coming to her aid! I’m asking you to help. Can you rush in $15, $35, or $45 today to help Congresswoman Elise Stefanik counter the smear campaign of the radical Left?

The reference is to a faked photo of Stefanik making a rude hand gesture. Although it was shared on social media, I can find no evidence that any prominent Democrats disseminated it. Among those who did share it on Twitter it was George Conway, an anti-Trump Republican who is not a member of the radical Left. He deleted the tweet when the photo was revealed as phony.

George Conway is the husband of President Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Stefanik has opposed Trump on a number of issues, including immigration, the border wall, tariffs and taxes. But since the impeachment inquiry began, she has become a fierce defender of Trump, pledging to help “save America from socialism!” This has made her a favorite of Trumpist Republicans like Cline and she has drawn praise from Trump himself.

Stefanik’s Democratic opponent in the 2020 election is Tedra Cobb.