What did Cline say at the “election integrity rally”?

What did Congressman Cline say when he spoke Friday at a Republican “election integrity rally” at Liberty University in Lynchburg?

Did he continue to suggest without evidence, as he did last November, that there were massive numbers of “illegal votes” in the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor? Did he again proclaim his support for his friend, the deranged election conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell?

We may never know.

Cline was scheduled to speak at the rally sponsored by the Fifth District Republican Committee along with Republican candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin and Cline’s even more awful congressional colleague Bob Good. (Good, among other things, calls the COVID pandemic “phony” and voted AGAINST awarding medals to police officers who defended the U.S. Capitol against pro-Trump terrorists on January 6.)

The rally took place despite the utter lack of evidence of widespread fraud in Virginia elections.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the event was not open to the press. Why not? Were Cline and the other participants too ashamed to put their remarks on the public record?

According to The Times-Dispatch:

The Virginia Department of Elections said in March that a risk-limiting audit of the 2020 election confirmed Virginia’s election results accurately portrayed the winners.

Former President Donald Trump made baseless claims of election fraud that preceded the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, in which many protesters sought to overturn the results of the presidential race. The former president and many other Republicans have continued to question the legitimacy of the presidential election, even though it wasn’t close and there’s no evidence of any widespread fraud.

The website for the rally had listed as featured guests Youngkin, Del. Jason Miyares, the GOP nominee for attorney general, and Winsome Sears, the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor. But Miyares and Sears opted to attend an event with a Northern Virginia candidate instead.

“Glenn, Terry McAuliffe called on you to step down from this dangerous rally and you didn’t — even as the other extreme members of the GOP ticket removed themselves,” Susan Swecker, chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, said Friday in a call with the press.

“Just this week, we learned that Youngkin suggested the courts could reinstate Trump into office — further pedaling the GOP’s dangerous lies just three months from the November gubernatorial election.”

Although we may never know what was said at the rally, perhaps we can get an idea from what else The Times-Dispatch reported:

Two of the panelists presenting information at the rally, according to its schedule, were Phill Kline and Tim Griffin.

Kline is a former Kansas attorney general whose law license was suspended indefinitely by the Kansas Supreme Court in 2013 over what the court found was a pattern of misconduct. He is an associate professor of law at Liberty University and has assisted in lawsuits challenging the results of the presidential election, the Kansas Reflector reported.

Griffin, of Bedford, is a special counsel to the Thomas More Society and former assistant commonwealth’s attorney. Kline directs a project of the Thomas More Society involved in lawsuits over the election.

Kline recently interviewed Griffin in a video posted on Kline’s YouTube channel.

“People are saying this election was stolen,” Griffin said during the interview. “They understand that something was off.”

Kline asked Griffin what was different about the 2020 election than previous elections. Griffin said he assessed the 2020 election by observing people he came into contact with.

“Years ago I used to really pay a lot of attention just to polls and what newspapers would tell us. In recent elections I really pay attention to what’s going on on the ground,” Griffin said.

He continued, saying that in the 2020 election, “I kept my eyes open, I kept my ears open. … Republicans on the right — they were so excited. There was a parade in Arizona … of 90 miles long of cars for Donald Trump. And then we also watched what the energy was on the left. And the energy on the left was very deflated. There wasn’t a lot of excitement. There was no rallies for President Joe Biden.”

The Democratic presidential ticket largely avoided rallies because of the COVID-19 pandemic.