What would General Marshall say?

Congressman Cline was proud to announce on February 6 that he has introduced a bill in Congress to “re-name the George C. Marshall Museum and Research Library in Lexington, Virginia, as the National George C. Marshall Museum and Library. The facility is located on the campus of the Virginia Military Institute.”

As commander of the Army during World War II and later as Secretary of State, Marshall had a string of remarkable achievements– one of which was negotiating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization binding the US, Canada and western European nations in a common defense pact.

According to the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies:

When it became evident that the gap between Eastern and Western Europe would not be bridged, and that the Western European states feared for their safety, Marshall was one of the leaders who created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which would ensure the security of the West. The establishment of NATO in 1949 achieved a balance of power in Europe that endured until the end of the Cold War.

So it’s hard not to wonder what Marshall would have thought about the 22 Republican members of the House of Representatives– including Cline— who voted against legislation that would block President Trump from withdrawing from NATO, as Trump has suggested doing. (Cline has had nothing to say about his vote on his website, Twitter account or Facebook page.)

Surely Marshall, like the vast majority of Congress members, would have recognized the vital importance of NATO in a post-Soviet world as the US and its allies face a hostile and expansionary Russian regime.

How can Cline claim to be honoring Marshall while voting to undermine one of his signature accomplishments?

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