Sorry, Congressman. Trump isn’t in the clear yet.

After Attorney General William Barr released what he claimed were the “principal conclusions” of the Mueller Report, Congressman Cline was quick to suggest that President Trump was in the clear.

Cline says “all Americans should be pleased with the Mueller Report’s conclusions.” But neither he nor anyone else outside of a handful of people knows what those conclusions are in their entirety.

Cline has said the full report should be released. I hope he stands by that position and that he and the rest of us soon get to see the entire document of more than 300 pages. That means we have yet to see approximately 99.99 percent of the report. Perhaps Cline should reserve judgment– both on its conclusions and on whether it was a waste of money– until we do.

One thought on “Sorry, Congressman. Trump isn’t in the clear yet.

  1. We all should be cautiously pessimistic of the content and/or conclusions of the attorney generals memo. Mr. Barr is said , by those who him , to be an honorable man. Unlike Mr. Cline and other Republicans let us not leap to conclusions before we have real data. Whatever it says, I will trust the report once it is seen in it’s entirety.


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