“We can’t afford it” watch

“In one of my first speeches after being sworn in, I reintroduced four words to Congress that Washington needs to hear again and again: we can’t afford it.”
–Congressman Ben Cline, The Roanoke Times

“I will continue to vote against wasteful spending and demand fiscal responsibility in Washington in all areas. If we can find ways to balance our state budgets and our family budgets, I believe it is time for the federal government to follow suit.”
–Congressman Ben Cline, Sixth District Perspectives

So the entrance fees that National Parks visitors pay in the expectation that their money will be used to maintain and improve the parks will instead be used to feed Donald Trump’s gargantuan ego.

And no one should be surprised if the final price tag for this boondoggle is far more than $2.5 million.

Congressman Cline: I know your outrage about fiscal irresponsibility is extremely selective. But is this the kind of spending we can afford?

3 thoughts on ““We can’t afford it” watch

  1. Just say “no” to Trump corruption, collusion, and obstruction. We don’t need to spend Park service funds on a military parade to pad this egomaniacal President. Wise up!!


  2. Come on Ben, really, OK to use money collected and designated for use improving OUR National Parks to fund this egotistical Dictator like activity. Come On Man.


  3. There always seems to be enough money for missiles, jets, etc. We outspend every other country in the world in military costs. But when it comes to spending money to help our people, nope, we can’t afford that.


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