Cline stands with racist Trump

Lacking the courage to speak out one way or the other on President Trump’s racist remarks about four members of Congress, Congressman Cline finally showed his hand by joining all but four brave Republicans to vote against a resolution condemning Trump’s comments– a resolution quoting Republican President Ronald Reagan extensively on the value of immigrants to the United States.

One thought on “Cline stands with racist Trump

  1. Ben Cline and his ” Fellow Friends Of The KKK” will one day regret their support for the George Wallace clone currently residing in OUR White House. Trump won’t be around but a few more months and after he slides back into the murky depths of hate from which he emerged, these spineless Republicans will once again have to live in a truly democratic society. I hear a lot about how history will not be kind to them. I sincerely hope that current events will not be kind to them either and they can join their hero Trump in the ooze after being removed from office. We live in a truly dangerous time and all right thinking people need to band together to remove this blight from our society.


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