Cline’s shameful silence continues

Finally Congressman Cline has referred (however obliquely) to President Trump’s racist remarks urging four congresswomen of color to “go back” to where they came from.

In the course of paying tribute to the Apollo 11 astronauts and those who helped them on their mission 50 years ago, he wrote:

[P]artisan politics involving the President boiled over this week in the form of resolutions attempting to impeach him and condemning his “Tweets” on social media. I voted against both resolutions because these types of political attacks distract from the serious policy issues that are facing our country.

That’s all.

Most Democrats in the House joined Republicans in opposing the impeachment resolution. But only four brave Republicans (not including Cline) joined Democrats in condemning Trump’s comments.

As for “political attacks”: Cline seems to think they are all coming from the Democratic side. In fact it is Trump’s constant incendiary and divisive attacks on his political opponents (or even those who simply disagree with him on one issue or another) which do more than anything else to “distract.”

On Friday The Roanoke Times published an editorial with 12 questions for Cline and two other Republican congressmen from our part of Virginia who opposed the resolution condemning Trump’s racist remarks.

It would be most enlightening to his constituents if he broke his shameful silence and took the time to provide serious answers to those questions.


3 thoughts on “Cline’s shameful silence continues

  1. I so appreciate your work on Cline Watch! Thank you for providing such a valuable public service.

    I call Rep. Cline’s office frequently (sometimes daily) and I use the insights you provide.

    gratefully, Kathleen Temple (Rockingham County)



  2. Great set of questions. I look forward to reading the answers but won’t be holding my breath. I cannot understand, if our elected representatives are truly people of character, why they continue to enable the dangerous and despicable occupant of OUR White House.


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