Cline again rejects gun safety laws

The day after the May 31 Virginia Beach massacre, Congressman Cline told a meeting of Republicans in Harrisonburg that when he entered Congress this year, he urged Republican leaders to appoint him to the Judiciary Committee and “task me with defeating gun control bills.”

They did, and he is doing his part.

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee committee advanced three gun safety bills on Tuesday over unified Republican opposition.

The committee voted along partisan lines to approve “red flag” legislation that seeks to limit access to firearms for those deemed a risk to themselves or others. The committee also voted to advance legislation that would ban high-capacity magazines and another measure to prohibit people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing firearms.

Republican Rep. Ben Cline of Botetourt County, the lone Virginia lawmaker on the committee, voted against all three bills.

All three measures are likely to pass the Democratic-controlled House, but are certain to face a steeper climb in the GOP-controlled Senate, where Republican lawmakers have blocked efforts to enact tougher gun laws in recent years.

One thought on “Cline again rejects gun safety laws

  1. We need gun restrictions now. There are crazy or evil people everywhere, but only in America do we see these unspeakable acts of mass murder carried out again and again because of how easy it is to get guns. How many more innocent people have to die before common sense prevails?


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