Cline’s form letter non-response

Replying to my recent message— asking Congressman Cline when he would start putting country above party and above his fear of being “primaried,” and stop overlooking Trump’s wild behavior and flagrant abuse of power– he has sent me the following unresponsive form letter.

October 4, 2019

Dear Mr. Zitver,

Thank you for contacting my office to express your opinion on the potential impeachment of President Trump. I appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

The potential impeachment of a President is a serious matter and must not be taken lightly, nor should it be used as a partisan political tool. Unfortunately, as a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I have witnessed Democrats on the committee repeatedly trying for months to find evidence to support a case for impeaching the President.

While there have been several resolutions introduced to authorize the initiation of formal impeachment proceedings, none has garnered enough support in the U.S. House to move forward. In fact, in a procedural vote that would have allowed impeachment to proceed, Congress voted 332-95 against the measure. Additionally, to appease certain elements within her own Democrat Caucus, Speaker Pelosi has now moved forward with an “impeachment inquiry” against the duly elected President without a vote of the full House. In every other impeachment effort, the decision to proceed was made by a majority of Members of Congress through a vote of the full House of Representatives.

In the meantime, our seniors are paying too much for their prescription drugs, our farmers need access to more markets, our immigration policies need reform, and our borders need securing. Unfortunately, all these issues will now potentially be sidetracked due to this partisan rush to impeach.

It is an honor to represent you and all of Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance. To receive the latest updates from my office, I encourage you to sign up for my e-newsletter at or like my FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Ben Cline
Member of Congress

The procedural vote on impeachment to which Cline refers occurred two months before the latest revelations on President Trump’s efforts to pressure the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a domestic political opponent.

Trump dismissed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s promise to work with him on  prescription drug prices and a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico as “camouflage for trying to win an election through impeachment.” That suggests an unwillingness by Trump– not Pelosi– to deal seriously on these matters.

As for immigration and border security, Trump thinks the solution lies in sharp spikes, moats filled with alligators and snakes, and shooting people in the legs. Do you agree with this approach, Congressman?

Congressman Cline, you write that it is an honor to represent me. The feeling is not mutual. It is not an honor to be represented by you.


3 thoughts on “Cline’s form letter non-response

  1. Aren’t all those bill sitting in #MoscowMitch ‘s graveyard waiting to be brought to the floor? Nice dodge cline. How about those 10 instance of obstruction the Mueller Report laid out? He’s has publicly asked countries to investigate his opposition. Impeachment is a necessity at this point if we’re to save our Republic


  2. Nothing in Mr. Cline’s letter surprises me. However, I am saddened, and a tad nauseous, that he has chosen to stoop to Trump’s bastardization, “Democrat Party” instead of the proper Democratic Party. SAD

    BTW, I am a senior of meager yet standard means, and all my drugs are covered.


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