Cline joins failed GOP effort to change the subject on impeachment

Despite the efforts of Congressman Cline and other Republicans, the House of Representatives rejected a motion to censure Congressman Adam Schiff for his role in leading the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

As Amber Phillips of The Washington Post explains:

[T]he move is emblematic of Republicans’ broader problem: They don’t have much to work with to defend Trump from allegations that he used foreign policy to benefit himself politically. So they’re trying to get mileage out of a perceived blunder by the person designated as a boogeyman on the other side. That’s the reason Republicans are pushing to censure Schiff.

Despite his opposition to impeachment, Cline has yet to address the overwhelming evidence that Trump tried to get the government of Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden. Cline is more comfortable denouncing what he perceives as the unfairness of the process– anything to avoid dealing with the President’s egregious abuse of power.

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