Cline votes “No” on extending ERA ratification time limit

The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to remove the previous time limit for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Now that– following the November election– Democrats control the General Assembly as well as the Governor’s Mansion, this would allow Virginia to become the 38th and deciding state to ratify the ERA.

Our Congressman Ben Cline joined the other Republicans on the committee to vote “No.” The vote in favor was 21 to 11.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Cline complained about having to attend a Judiciary Committee hearing instead of attending the House impeachment inquiry on President Trump. He didn’t mention that the hearing was on the ERA, or that he had voted against the time extension.

Of course if Cline wants to catch up on the impeachment-related testimony he missed, he can easily obtain video or transcripts.

One thought on “Cline votes “No” on extending ERA ratification time limit

  1. I think Ben is digging himself a deep hole that he may have trouble digging out of. By this vote he has likely alienated the entire female population of the US. I can’t imagine why any sane person would vote against this extension unless some how it’s a slap back at the voters who put a majority of Democrats in the Virginia state house.


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