Cline’s Star Wars analogy pleases Trump

The Daily Beast reports:

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) on Monday morning about the “big difference in the look and feel of the hearing happening on Wednesday compared to the 31 hours we saw before the Intel Committee. Chairman Jerry Nadler has a very different style than Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intel committee. What do you expect from him and how he will lead this hearing on Wednesday?”

“We had Star Wars—the Empire got destroyed just like the Mueller report got destroyed,” the Republican lawmaker declared. “The sequel is here. It’s The Empire Strikes Back, or as we like to say, ‘The Intelligence Committee strikes back, Adam Schiff strikes back.’ We all know how the story ends.”

The conservative congressman insisted that the Trump administration are the heroes, i.e., the Rebel Alliance, of this real-life saga, thus implying that the president would be Luke Skywalker—a commander of Rebel forces—in this analogy.

“The rebels win,” Cline concluded. “Ultimately the president will be exonerated and we don’t anticipate any reason to go forward with these hearings.”

The actor who portrayed Luke Skywalker has a different Star Wars character in mind.


Cline’s statement that Trump will be exonerated suggests that he has no interest in hearing or seeing the evidence. He has consistently declined to discuss the actual allegations against Trump.

Trump was watching his favorite network, and tweeted his appreciation for Cline’s sycophancy.

“Thank you to Congressman Ben @Cline4Virginia for the Great remarks this morning on the illegitimate Impeachment Hoax,” the president wrote. “He understands the Do Nothing Democrats very well.”

Cline was then asked how often the question of impeachment has come up on his visits to the Sixth District. For whatever reason, he didn’t answer the question but again talked about how unfair he considers the process.


2 thoughts on “Cline’s Star Wars analogy pleases Trump

  1. This is very disappointing. I really thought Ben was a reasonable man that I may not always agree with but could at least respect. Seems he has now joined the mindless sycophants brigade.


  2. The “mindless sycophants Brigade” is a Fig Newton of YOUR imagination that has been steadily warped by the Crooked Democrats for 6 decades. The President is ending that long-running corruption against We The People, a group that wants you to STAY AWAY! Or get a grip and learn TRUTH!


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