What are you suggesting, Congressman?

I really hope that by posting this on his campaign Facebook page, Congressman Cline is not suggesting that local law enforcement officials in Virginia counties that have adopted “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolutions have the right to determine which laws are Constitutional and which laws they will enforce. (Watch the interview between Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage here.)

cline fb

I can only hope that as a lawyer and a former prosecutor, Cline understands how lawless that position is.

As one commenter wrote:

We already have some gun control this Sheriff (and all the others) are already enforcing: they serve protective orders which remove the right to have a firearm, they search homes felony probationers and take guns, they take weapons from kids who bring them to school.

All these “infringe” on an individual right to bear arms, and no one (but the most oddly extreme) oppose these measures already in place. I’m frustrated with the narrative that the GOP is all about zero gun control, because it’s not true.

Instead of enabling Fox News scaremongering, Cline should be helping to enable a dialogue about common-sense rules on guns that a majority of gunowners and non-gunowners can agree on. But of course he has no interest in endangering his support from the NRA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League by doing so.

2 thoughts on “What are you suggesting, Congressman?

  1. Cline follows in the footsteps of his predecessor and panders to his constituents rather than using his position to help them understand issues important to them.

    Good ol Ben will have a much more difficult time when redistricting creates more competitive congressional districts.



  2. Anyone that would have an interview with idiotic Tucker Carlson gets zero respect from me and I feel sorry for the good citizens of Page county who may depend this guy to protect them. Each day that passes I have less respect for Ben Cline who has obviously drank the Trump koolaide. We need to get Cline and all others like him out of office while we still live in a Democracy. Their willingness to ignore long established law is truly frightening.


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