Cline shrugs off Trump’s insults to combat vets

At a town hall meeting last week in Lynchburg, Congressman Cline repeated his usual talking points: opposing impeachment of President Trump,  denying a woman’s right to choose abortion under any circumstances, rejecting any law restricting anyone from owning and carrying any kind of gun.

But this account from The Lynchburg News and Advance caught my attention:

Ken Smith, a local Army veteran, took issue with some of Trump’s negative comments directed toward the late Sen. John McCain, as well as other remarks aimed at top military leaders.

Smith said he also feels some of Trump’s comments are demoralizing and won’t lead to a better America. “One of the views that I would like you to take back to Washington is we need better leadership, and to support anybody who has this attitude to our military personnel is personally an affront, I think, to all veterans,” Smith said.

Cline said he thinks Trump through his legislative agenda and policies has demonstrated clear support of servicemen and women. “Some of his rhetoric is that of a New York businessman,” Cline said in response to remarks Smith pointed to. “I am neither a New Yorker nor a businessman.”

There are reasons to question the Trump administration’s support for servicemen and women and their families as well as for veterans.

But what is Cline saying here? That routinely insulting war heroes and other combat veterans is the sort of thing one expects from a New York businessman? And hey, what’re you gonna do?

Surely even a New York businessman should be smart and informed enough not to say things like this:


Will Cline summon whatever small courage it takes to join the VFW in demanding an apology?

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