Cline’s statement on the CARES Act

To his credit, Congressman Cline overcame his usual objections to “big government” and deficit spending to support the more than $2 trillion CARES Act relief package responding to the COVD-19 emergency.

Unfortunately Cline couldn’t resist taking a shot at Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He rarely does resist. (Congressman: We know by now that Pelosi is your go-to target when you want to denounce “progressives” and “liberals.” But it’s possible that at a moment when most Americans believe government should be doing more, your rhetoric is ringing hollow.)


I hope Cline will inform us of which provisions he disagrees with and provide us a list of the items on “Speaker Pelosi’s progressive wish list” of which he disapproved.

One thought on “Cline’s statement on the CARES Act

  1. I don’t despise Nancy Pelosi at all.
    I think the first term representative should look to learn from this experience as a member of the House of Representatives,
    and not spend his time on knee jerk partisan politics. The way the republicans have acted since he was elected should have them worried about reelection.


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