Cline’s pathetic Biden-bashing

Congressman Cline was a guest this week on the radio show of Charlottesville-based right-winger Rob Schilling.

No tough questions, of course. Just some invitations to talk about how allegedly awful a candidate Joe Biden is (including the obligatory reference to “sleepy Joe”).

According to Cline, Biden is “gonna be led by the Left, by the antifas of the world.” (“Antifa” is the latest Republican scare word, deployed even more often than “Pelosi.”)

Schilling actually suggested that Democrats are desperate to ditch Biden as their candidate for president– perhaps having failed to notice that Biden is currently leading Donald Trump by about 10 points in the national polls and by substantial margins in many of the “swing” states.

Cline seemed to agree, saying incongruously, “There are always those who want to see democracy replaced with dictatorship rule.”

Cline writes that “Joe Biden has been nowhere to be seen for months – that is not the type of leadership America needs.”

In fact Biden appears regularly online and will speak to the Virginia Democratic Convention on Saturday. He traveled to Houston last week to meet with George Floyd’s family. But of course Cline can’t acknowledge a simple fact: that Biden, unlike Trump, is being careful not to endanger the public during the COVID-19 emergency, and this is to his credit.

Here’s the latest from the orange-skinned candidate Cline enthusiastically supports:

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