Cline spouts utter nonsense

Speaking at a pro-Trump rally in Staunton with other Republican dead-enders, Congressman Cline groveled to Donald Trump and tried to impugn the results of the 2020 election– a clear victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris– by suggesting with no evidence that there were massive numbers of “illegal votes” in the Democrats’ favor. I’d like to believe he knows better, but he makes it hard.

And he’s wrong about a lot of other stuff too.

One thought on “Cline spouts utter nonsense

  1. After watching this total display of arrogance/ignorance I can only conclude that Ben is another sad Trump sycophant. If I need medical advice I will call a physician not a lawyer. If I need advice on how to decide who has won the election I will call someone who can do basic arithmetic. Feeding this kind of nonsense to people at such a critical time is truly dangerous and is and will continue to cost lives.


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