Cline’s mysterious timing

Please note the time stamp on this Facebook post by Congressman Cline on Wednesday:

2:08 p.m. Just as pro-Trump insurrectionists were assaulting Capitol Police and just minutes before they breached police lines, Cline was trying to draw a direct parallel between the objections of a few House Democrats to the result of the 2000 presidential election (for which there were reasons to object) and the objections of Cline and 146 other members of Congress to the clear and convincing election of Joe Biden in 2020.

This is from a timeline published by USA Today:

Here is Congresswoman Luria’s tweet:

Again, note the time stamp.

Where was Cline when he sent his Facebook post? Was he aware of what was happening when he sent it? I hope journalists will do their duty and ask him.

Some Republicans who intended to object were so disgusted by the attack– incited in a speech by Trump himself– that they changed their minds and voted to affirm Biden’s victory.

Ben Cline was not among them.

One thought on “Cline’s mysterious timing

  1. I figure it was one of the staffers working remotely from home who was clueless about what was happening at the capitol — perhaps the same staffer who posted and then quickly removed that misquotation of Geo. Washington. Question is, why wasn’t this one removed also?


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