Cline votes against older workers (again) and veterans

In contrast to his recent vote against protecting pregnant workers, Congressman Cline displayed his usual consistency by voting NO on the Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Act.

Nearly 40 percent of the people in Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District are 50 years or older.

The bill is a long-delayed response to a 2009 Supreme Court decision that weakened protections against age discrimination.

The ruling in Gross v. FBL Financial Services Inc. mandated that plaintiffs of age discrimination demonstrate age was the sole motivating factor for the employer’s action.

Cline voted against the same bill last year, when it passed the House but died in the Senate.

Also Thursday, Cline joined most House Republicans to vote NO on the Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act, which would provide women veterans access to contraceptive care without co-pays, which civilian and active-duty women already receive.

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