My brief encounter with Ben Cline

Before the Buena Vista Labor Day parade started, I was standing on a corner wearing a Democratic t-shirt and holding this sign when the union-hating Congressman Cline walked past.

Me: “Hey, Ben, this is what it’s all about!”

Cline: “How about getting your party to support a work ethic?”

The implication being, I suppose, that Democrats are lazy welfare cheats always looking for ways to live off government handouts. (In fact it’s low-wage employers like Walmart and McDonald’s that are subsidized by the government.)

Unfortunately Cline was gone before it occurred to me to respond: “How about getting your party to support a living wage?”

So for the record, that’s my response, Congressman.

One thought on “My brief encounter with Ben Cline

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the so-called freedom caucus has a set of instructions for how members can make anyone of a differing opinion with whom they are engaging in conversation, especially in public, feel frustrated. It’s too bad our district is so hopelessly gerrymandered that the statewide Democratic candidates no longer even bother to show up in BV for the Labor Day to-do any more, but that is necessary to allow them to more usefully spend the day campaigning in places which are not so overwhelmingly red. Be all that as it may, it was heartening to see all you folks over there yesterday.


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