We won’t let anyone forget, Congressman

Predictably, Congressman Cline was one of the vast majority of House Republicans who voted NO on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package which was passed Friday and sent to President Biden for his signature.

Cline protested that he’s all for infrastructure, as long as it doesn’t mean anything other than “roads, bridges, transit and rail”– a view more appropriate to the 19th century– and that that the bill “prioritized the Green New Deal and social justice programs.” He didn’t specify which parts of the package did that.

As even Cline must be dimly aware, in the 21st century there is more to infrastructure than roads, bridges, transit and rail. This includes the power grid, water and sewer systems and broadband, all of which the bill funds. So what does Cline object to? The $15 billion for electric charging stations and electric school buses? Who knows? Probably not even Cline.

But don’t worry, Congressman. We’ll make sure your constituents know about every project in the Sixth District funded by the infrastructure bill that puts a lot of people to work at good wages and improves the lives, the health and the safety of the families in our district. And we’ll especially make sure they know that you voted AGAINST it.

One thought on “We won’t let anyone forget, Congressman

  1. The thing I find most disappointing about Ben and he is not alone in this, is the willingness to knowingly be dishonest. We need to find more honest politicians and weed the dishonest ones out.


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