Ben Cline, culture warrior

Ben Cline and his Republican colleagues in Congress have no positive agenda for the country.

Their only plan is to:

• Oppose legislation to help Americans provide for their families, care for their children, aid seniors, end voter suppression and remove obstacles to union organizing– and hope voters don’t notice.

• Try to distract voters with phony culture-war nonsense and scaremongering. This explains the latest posts on Cline’s campaign Facebook page.

First came this:

According to at least one poll, the vast majority of West Virginians support Build Back Better if it includes raising taxes on the richest Americans and corporations, regardless of Senator Joe Manchin’s position.

Bette Midler spoke (stupidly) for herself and has apologized. Meanwhile Cline’s Republican colleague Paul Gosar posted a video depicting him killing one of Cline’s favorite targets, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and refused to apologize. But that was OK with Cline, who voted NO on a motion to censure him.

It’s easier for Cline to take a shot at that favorite rightwing target, the “Hollywood elite,” than to confront the outrages of his fellow Republicans, let alone the real and excessive power of the corporate elite who help fund his campaigns.

A little later Cline posted this:

In response to a comment asking Cline to define Critical Race Theory and provide specific, proven examples of Critical Race Theory being taught in Virginia public schools, he (or his staff) posted this from the rightwing Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal– which does neither.

One thought on “Ben Cline, culture warrior

  1. In the spirit of the Holiday I will not say what I truly think of Ben as a person. He does not represent me in the slightest.


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