Cline versus NATO (continued)

One of Ben Cline’s first votes in Congress was against a bill to block then-president Trump from withdrawing the United States from the NATO alliance, as Trump had suggested doing. Cline was one of only 22 members of the House– all Republicans– to vote NO.

Perhaps Cline’s vote was a pathetic effort to prove his loyalty to Trump; he offered no explanation. But what are we to make of his vote on Tuesday against a resolution expressing “unequivocal support” for the NATO as an alliance founded on democratic principles? (The resolution was approved by all of the Democrats and 143 of the 206 Republicans who voted.)

At a moment when NATO is largely united in opposing Russia’s brutal and murderous invasion of democratic Ukraine, why would Cline vote NO on a resolution affirming that stand?

3 thoughts on “Cline versus NATO (continued)

  1. Ben is very clearly a trumpoholic. I read his regular newsletters simply to see how quickly he can fabricate criticisms against President Biden. He either has a new writer, or he is getting good at the one thing at which he excels because lately he has gotten to the point where he can criticize our president without even finishing the first line in his “newsletter.”


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