Cline is silent on January 6 hearing

Yes, physical threats against Supreme Court justices are abhorrent. And those who make them deserve to be arrested and prosecuted.

You can believe this and also appreciate the work of the House January 6 Committee to investigate and report on the attempt by former President Trump (“our great president”) to subvert the results of the 2020 election, and on those who aided and abetted that effort– violently or otherwise.

Unless you are Congressman Ben Cline, who posted on Facebook today about the former and has yet to acknowledge the Committee’s powerful opening hearing on Thursday.

I hope Cline has the decency to feel the sting of his brave Republican colleague Liz Cheney’s words.

One thought on “Cline is silent on January 6 hearing

  1. I anticipate we’ll hear from Mr Cline after he and his Republican House colleagues get their own stories straight and receive their marching orders from Rep McCarthy and his higher powers. This is no time for a backbencher like Mr Cline to be shooting from the hip.


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