“Pro-life” Cline votes NO on keeping kids fed

One day before declaring that #LifeWins following the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Congressman Cline was one of just 42 members of the House (all Republicans) to vote NO on the Keep Kids Fed Act.

As NBC News reports, the legislation extends “some food assistance measures for children that anti-hunger advocates have called critical as more parents struggle with the rising costs of inflation, less than a week before the measures were set to end.”

The pandemic-era child nutrition waivers have helped millions of kids get access to meals both in school and during the summer for the last two years and were scheduled to expire June 30.

The bipartisan legislation now heads to the president’s desk for his signature. It would extend some of the dozens of child nutrition waivers that Congress gave the Agriculture Department the authority to issue at the start of the pandemic.


The Keep Kids Fed Act would enable summer meal program providers to operate with more flexibility and help schools in the coming academic year as they continue to cope with supply chain interruptions and labor shortages.

So once again, Cline’s professed concern for “life” ends with the birth of actual children whose families depend of federal nutrition assistance to keep them fed and, um, alive.

One thought on ““Pro-life” Cline votes NO on keeping kids fed

  1. Gene and David,

    This is an excellent post, as usual, Gene! When Jennifer Lewis ate with us in BV, I suggested to her afterwards that she should use your Cline Watch postings to get some snappy slogans for her campaign. Has she done that, to your knowledge?

    Thanks to both of you for organizing the protest so quickly yesterday. I’m going to refrain from joining in because of my arthritis.

    One man who was on our 2-week Road Scholar train trip in Switzerland said he wished he had moved there 50 years ago. Our group leader, a native Swiss woman, told us that Europeans don’t understand the U.S. “fascination with guns.” We felt very safe there. (We’ve been home just a week now.)

    I’ll be cheering you on from home today!

    Thanks for all both of you do, Susan


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