Interesting omission

I noticed something interesting about the video that Congressman Cline posted on his campaign Facebook page this week.

Not that it’s a silly video. (How can you be for LESS government and MORE government-funded police resources?) I noticed that when he first released the video last May during his primary election campaign.

Rather, it’s the omission from the earlier version of the ENDORSED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP tagline at the end.

This was an endorsement that Cline was proud to proclaim. And even though it was for the June primary, I assume it still holds good.

As best I can figure, Cline decided that a Trump endorsement would assure a primary victory among the largely hardcore pro-Trump Republican base. But for a general election in which he will need support from other segments of the electorate– not so much.

But don’t worry, Congressman. We won’t let anyone forget. Trump’s endorsement still stands– whether you like it or not.

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