Hint: It wasn’t Ben Cline

Only one Republican member of Congress turned out for a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol marking the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection. That Republican was not Congressman Cline.

Gathering on the House steps with the families of officers who lost their lives in connection with the riot, lawmakers honored the fallen officers as well as those injured in the lengthy battle with those who stormed the Capitol.

And again, no acknowledgement from Cline about what happened two years ago Friday.

Here’s a reminder of what we know Cline was up to before, during and after the assault.

One thought on “Hint: It wasn’t Ben Cline

  1. With redistricting, I now live in the district of the very worst Congressman in Virginia — bob nogood, so, as much as I have benefited from your updates about ben cline, I find I am too depressed to read about even more bad politics and disgraceful pronouncements and kowtowing to the trump crowd. It just makes me so sad. UGH. Thank you for all you do to keep the public informed, but for now, I have unsubscribed.

    Melissa McCann Lynchburg


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