Cline prepares to chase wild geese

Following his reappointment (after a two-year gap) to the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Cline posted on Facebook:

In fact there’s a lot more evidence that Cline’s “friend” Congressman Jordan (now the committee chair) ignored reports of sexual abuse of wrestlers at the Ohio State University than there is that the Biden administration is “weaponizing” the federal government. But I don’t suppose Cline and other House Republicans will be pursuing that.

Now Cline is pretending to be outraged at the discovery of some classified documents in Biden’s possession from when he was vice president and a senator.

I say “pretending” because Cline expressed absolutely no outrage about the discovery of classified and secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence following an FBI raid last year. In fact the only outrage he did express was that the FBI executed a legal search warrant approved by a federal judge based on evidence of possible criminality.

By contrast, Biden voluntarily allowed a search of his property.

And we have yet to hear from Cline about the discovery of classified documents at the home of Republican former vice president Mike Pence.

Congressman Cline: Do you also have “some questions” for Trump and Pence?

With all the time and effort that Cline will devote to chasing wild geese, I hope he’ll have some time to devote to the real needs of his constituents.

2 thoughts on “Cline prepares to chase wild geese

  1. I think by this time that citizens of the Sixth District can feel assured Mr Cline will continue to attend to the real needs of his constituents 100% of the time as long as those needs match Mr Cline’s needs, desires, and compulsions as a member of the Freedom Caucus.


  2. Ben Cline is not good for the sixth district of Virginia or the United States. Ignoring facts and repeating lies are Ben Cline’s way of executing his irresponsible actions


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