Please define your terms, Congressman

In recent days, Congressman Cline (or someone on his staff) has taken to posting simplistic slogans on his Facebook page. Like this:

Congressman: Please define, as precisely and specifically as you can, Big Government and Real America. Then maybe we can have a rational conversation.

For example:

Why are laws forcing 10-year-old rape victims to give birth, which you support, not an example of “Big Government”?

What parts of America do you consider “real” and what parts “fake” or “unreal”?

4 thoughts on “Please define your terms, Congressman

  1. Does small government track menstrual cycle data on female citizens? Does small government want to dictate the availability of contraception options? Does small government insert itself between a doctor and patient? Does small government ban books?


  2. The pregnant 10 year old was the rape victim of illegal immigrant Gerson Fuentes. illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant.


      1. It is GOP (Guardians Of Perfidy) deflection to immigrants and not the rape of a child and the GOP wanting to force the child to carry to term – even though at that age SERIOUS physical risk to the child is guaranteed.


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