I think we know the answer

Congressman Cline was full of praise for Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s meeting with Taiwan’s president last week.

But last year, when Democratic then-speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan despite threats from China, Cline said:

“I am concerned that she created an international incident with what is essentially a farewell tour. [Republicans] will continue to stand strong for Taiwan. But we will do it in a way that doesn’t inflame tensions, and actually addresses the challenges facing that part of the world.”

Congressman Cline: Why did you have such different reactions to McCarthy’s meeting and Pelosi’s visit?

2 thoughts on “I think we know the answer

  1. Ben Cline is a hypocrite in every way. A MAGA in every way. He is an embarrassment to the sixth district of Virginia


  2. I looked up “hypocrisy” in the dictionary and found a photo of Ben Cline. It was the same photo that I found when I looked up “untrustworthy”. Cline is an example of why we are not great.


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