Cline joins GOP’s farcical stunt

Could it be any more obvious that Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee’s farcical hearing in New York City, purportedly investigating crime in Manhattan, was a stunt to retaliate against District Attorney Alvin Bragg for daring to bring charges against Donald Trump?

Congressman Cline, a member of the committee, was pleased to play along.

But as Democratic committee member Adam Schiff said:

[The Republicans] would have you believe it is mere coincidence that all of a sudden, and out of the blue, the chairman decided that the state of New York is a wonderful place to do a hearing. Not the chairman’s home state of Ohio, with its high rates of murder. But New York State. And of all the cities in New York, they would pick New York City. and of all the Boroughs in New York, they pick Manhattan. Apparently, Manhattan is just lovely this time of year.

What a remarkable coincidence — we are meant to believe. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, we just happened to walk into this one.

Can we assume that the next hearing will be held in Chairman Jim Jordan’s district in Ohio?

2 thoughts on “Cline joins GOP’s farcical stunt

  1. What an absolute waste of time and tax payer money. Another good example of the lack of dedication to the rule of law. A true clown show designed to obstruct the true course of justice.


  2. Jordan and his minions like Cline get away with these theatrics because their cult followers don’t take the time to check the facts. Crime in NYC is down in almost every category. But please, don’t confuse them with the truth.


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