Cline tells Trump: “the American people will support you”

For all of Congressman Cline’s pious words about bipartisanship and compromise, he made clear in a Facebook post after President Trump’s misleading speech to the nation on Tuesday that he has no interest in either.

We must secure the border. Keep fighting for the Rule of Law and what is right, President Trump, and the American people will support you.

Cline posted a clip of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer speaking about the need to control illegal immigration.

But Schumer was speaking in the context of supporting comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for millions who are already here illegally. Many Republicans oppose this, falsely equating it with “amnesty.” I hope Cline is not among them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is.

And nowhere does Schumer say that a “wall” is the most effective way of preventing illegal immigration, let alone suggest that the government should be shut down until a wall is funded.

Even though four out of every 10 voters in the Sixth District supported Cline’s Democratic opponent in the November election; even though Democratic candidates for Congress got 8.6 million more votes than Republicans nationwide; even though 65 percent of voters oppose Trump’s government shutdown to secure funding for a wall; Cline insists that “the American people” will support Trump if he continues to keep large and vital parts of the government closed until he gets his way.

Congressman Cline: hitching your wagon to Trump’s falling star isn’t just wrong for the people of the Sixth District and the nation; it won’t do you any good either.

3 thoughts on “Cline tells Trump: “the American people will support you”

  1. Sent an e-mail to Cline telling him that he doesn’t represent my views. Dana Millbank had a funny opinion about the use of walls for protection against invading hordes. Made me smile, then laugh.


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