Cline demands action on robocalls. Now what?

It’s been more than a month since Congressman Cline wrote to Attorney General Barr calling out the Department of Justice for failing to enforce more than $208 million in fines against lawbreaking robocallers.

I think even those of us who disagree with Cline on most other issues can appreciate his stand on this one.

Cline concluded his letter to Barr:

In the interest of the American people, the Justice Department must reevaluate its practices when it comes to enforcing FCC fines against robocallers. I look forward to hearing your plan to remedy the situation and working with you should the matter require a legislative solution.

I emailed Cline more than a week ago asking if he had received a response to his letter. So far he has not replied. He has not mentioned anything more about it on his website, his Facebook page or his Twitter account.

I hope Cline will follow up and hold the Attorney General (and ultimately the President himself) accountable if there is no serious response– not just words but action– to his letter.

We’ll be watching.

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