Cline will hold town hall June 3 in Shenandoah County

Congressman Cline has announced plans to hold a town hall meeting (register here) on Monday June 3 from 8-9:30 a.m. (another inconvenient time for most people) at American Legion Post 119, 411 South Muhlenberg Street, Woodstock, VA.

According to the announcement:

Citizens of Shenandoah County will be given priority regarding comments during the town hall. Signs and noisemakers are prohibited.

Perhaps some of our Shenandoah County readers can take the opportunity to ask Cline about some of the things he has said and done, as chronicled here and elsewhere, since he was sworn in as our representative in Washington.

One thought on “Cline will hold town hall June 3 in Shenandoah County

  1. I notice that his town halls are during working hours, making it difficult for many people to get to his events. Anne



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