After El Paso and Dayton, Cline is still in the NRA’s pocket

In his latest newsletter to his Sixth District constituents, Congressman Cline wrote about the terrible mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. He called the El Paso massacre “terrorism” but seems to have backed down from labeling it #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism, as he did on Facebook in the immediate aftermath. I hope that had nothing to do with the commenters on Facebook who objected to that term.

Cline claimed he has “worked with my colleagues to offer realistic solutions to address the issue of violence in America.” But none of those “solutions” would seriously address the issue of access to firearms.

Even President Trump has spoken vaguely about supporting expanded background checks for purchasing guns and “red flag” laws. But Cline is still unwilling to challenge the NRA’s position on anything.

In February he was pleased to record an ad for the NRA’s position opposing any restrictions on firearms purchase or ownership:

In June, the day after the Virginia Beach massacre, he told a Republican meeting that when he entered Congress this year, he urged Republican leaders to appoint him to the Judiciary Committee and “task me with defeating gun control bills.”

Which they did.

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