Cline visits the border

In his latest newsletter to constituents, Congressmen Cline wrote about visiting the southern border with other Republican congressmen and touring a detention facility for migrants in McAllen, Texas.

While there, I was pleased to see that conditions at the Customs and Border Patrol detention and processing centers are much different than those portrayed by some of my Democratic colleagues. Families are kept together, and migrants are provided with immediate medical care, evaluated for sickness and disease, provided with hot showers, clothing, shoes, blankets, and meals. I saw children with crackers, granola bars, juice boxes, and amenities like cartoons, books, and soccer balls. The conditions in the holding facilities are not the picture some of my colleagues and the mainstream media want you to believe.

Congressman Cline: Just because you didn’t see or hear what other members of Congress reported doesn’t mean they were wrong.

And did you have a chance to talk to any detainees outside the presence of Customs and Border Protection officials? Did you even try?

One thought on “Cline visits the border

  1. Shows the lack of empathy well demonstrated by Trump and Cucinelli. Just what I would expect from a loyal Trumpster. Cline does not represent me in any way shape or form. This is absolutely disgusting.


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