No more Mr. Nice Congressman

Judging from some of Congressman Cline’s recent posts on his campaign Facebook page, he has decided to throw in his lot with President Trump’s racially-divisive culture war.

Don’t expect any more statements (however weak and selective) calling for justice and supporting peaceful protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Instead, look for more posts like this, linking with approval to an article by Ben Domenech, rightwing publisher of The Federalist, complaining that Republican officeholders aren’t doing enough to challenge “anti-American leftists and their enablers in the Democratic Party.”

Domenech writes: “The thirst among Republican voters isn’t even for policy. It’s for seeing the politicians they elected join the fray.”

So, according to Domenech, Republican officeholders should stop caring about secondary stuff like policy– the ostensible reason they ran for office. Instead they should enlist in the battle to protect American history and heritage from Democrats who want the coming election to be a choice “between a party that loves this country and one that views its history with disgust, as racist and irredeemable.”

Excuse me, to which Democrats is he referring? Those who think Confederate generals– traitors to the United States who fought for the cause of keeping human beings in bondage– do not deserve public honor?

Is there room for a nuanced discussion of which monuments and symbols are obsolete relics of another era and which should be preserved despite the flaws of the people they honor?

Apparently taking Domenech’s advice to “join the fray,” Cline posted this about the Lexington City Council’s unanimous vote to change the name of city-owned Stonewall Jackson Cemetery:

Congressman, you can’t simultaneously enslave Black people, as Jackson did, and “bridge racial divisions.” It doesn’t work that way.

After revealing his contempt for Lexington (which voted heavily against him in the 2018 Congressional election), Cline speculates sarcastically about the cemetery’s new name.

I suppose they’ll rename it something like “Lexington Cemetery: Now with Surprise Inside!” Or if they want to be more accurate, something like “Future Democrat Voter Quarry.”

“Future Democrat Voter Quarry?” What are you saying here, Congressman? That Stonewall Jackson and others interred at the cemetery will rise from their graves and vote Democratic? That local Democrats will cheat in future elections by voting on behalf of the people buried there?

Hilarious stuff, Congressman. But not exactly in keeping with your pious recent letter calling for civil discourse and the need to find common ground with our political opponents.

3 thoughts on “No more Mr. Nice Congressman

  1. Thanks for your diligence in keeping us informed about the truly appalling behavior of Congressman Cline. It deeply saddens me that we are unable to elect someone of greater moral character.


  2. Evidently Ben was drunk when he wrote these or like Trump has finally decided to come out of the closest and show the public his true self. A sad commentary on OUR duly elected representative and truly shocking.


  3. “Jackson’s story while living in Lexington before the war involved bridging racial divisions.” That’s Cline describing Jackson in Lexington. Huh? Even the most casual visitor to the Jackson House here, learns that jackson owned SIX slaves, one a girl of four, and one an aloder man named Alfred whom he RENTED out the way one would rent out an inanimate object. So much for “bridging racial divisions”. Some inanities are just too misguided to let pass uncommented upon.

    When the Republican Party goes down, as it must, let Cline be among the first to go with him.

    Thank you for perforning the stomach-churning work of keeping up with this bird brain and reporting on what he is up to now. Happy Fourth, and may our Republic see better days again, Anne Riffey-Buckner



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