Cline cheers DeVos’s effort to weaken public schools

Another bizarre and out-of-touch Facebook post from Congressman Cline.

Everyone– students, teachers and parents– wants schools to reopen as soon as possible. The sticking point– which Cline and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos seem to ignore– is whether it can be done safely.

It’s absurd to suggest that the challenge of reopening schools is comparable to reopening stores and restaurants. As one commenter to Cline’s Facebook post pointed out, “Going to a restaurant is a choice, attending public school is required.”

Spending an hour or less at a time in a store or restaurant is a lot different from spending six hours a day, five days a week in a classroom.

Congressman: Due to the coronavirus, many public school systems in the Sixth District are starved for funds, which would make reopening difficult even if COVID were to magically disappear. Are you and the other Republicans in Congress prepared to provide sufficient federal resources to help schools reopen safely?

Your vote against the HEROES Act in Congress– which would have provided billions of dollars to help stressed local school districts– suggests otherwise.

Instead you throw in your lot with Secretary DeVos, who is always looking for reasons to undermine public education.

Once again, your devotion to the whims of the Trump administration overrides any concern for the students, teachers and parents you purport to represent.

One thought on “Cline cheers DeVos’s effort to weaken public schools

  1. Ben continues to disappoint with his thoughtless words and actions. Betsy DeVos is probably the most incompetent head of the Department of Education in my life time. For Ben to to wave her flag is a clear indication that he could care less about the general welfare of the people he is supposed to represent. The Facebook posts only purpose was to throw dirt at our current governor. We in Virginia have been very fortunate to have our current governor. Northram is an MD who understands the science behind this virus. He knows how to read the data and let the data guide his decisions. Our governor , unlike Cline, is a man of honor who cares about all the people of Virginia, not just the ones who voted for him.


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