Cline the amused coward

Almost a week after the Electoral College affirmed the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 election, Congressman Cline posted this on his campaign Facebook page:

Give us a break, Congressman. Some random objections by a handful of House Democrats in 2017 is not equivalent to the sustained effort by President Donald Trump and you and 125 other House Republicans to overturn the results of the 2020 election. (Compare that to Hillary Clinton’s concession the morning after the 2016 election.)

And you’ll notice that the objections from Democrats were overruled by none other than Vice President Joe Biden.

What’s truly (and grimly) amusing is your suggestion that Trump wants nothing more than to “count every legal vote”– when in fact the lawsuit that Trump and you backed (and which was rejected unanimously by the Supreme Court) aimed to throw out millions of legally-cast ballots in four states.

Meanwhile Cline is avoiding answering questions about his support for the failed lawsuit, or even if he accepts that Biden is the President-elect.

The Daily News-Record reported:

Cline declined to discuss his support for the lawsuit…

The Roanoke Times reported:

Cline, R-Botetourt, and [Rob] Wittman, R-Westmoreland, did not respond to requests for comment. They did not provide responses to a list of questions, including if they recognize Biden as the next president and, if they don’t, when they will.

At least Congressman Morgan Griffith of the neighboring Ninth Congressional District, who also backed the lawsuit, was willing to talk to a Times reporter, however nonsensically.

Cline has been getting a lot of blowback on his support for the lawsuit from Sixth District constituents: on his Facebook pages, his Twitter accounts, in letters to the editor, editorials and op-ed pieces. Instead of responding directly, he seems mostly interested in changing the subject: to Hunter Biden, the Trump impeachment, the unrelated Bush v. Gore, etc.

He’s a coward.

2 thoughts on “Cline the amused coward

  1. Hillary Clinton conceded the election the night of or the next day. And she won the popular vote by 3 million. Donald tRump lost the election by a large margin, all the recounts come up with the same numbers and still tRump still won’t concede. You make a fool of yourself following him in his attempt to take over the country by a coup. This is not a banana republic, this is a constitutional republic with laws and oaths that are taken by people like you to protect and defend that constitution. As one of your constituents I say your actions are going to hurt you when you run again. You sold out the people of Virginia who overwhelmingly went for Biden to show to a failed power grab by DT that has backfired and left you hanging in the wrong place. Bad move for you and for the people you supposedly serve. You serve Donald Trump. Worst President ever. Shame on you! Linda Williams Sent from my iPhone



  2. How can a person who swore an oath to protect our constitution and democratic form of government be taking these actions? Evidently Ben is not intelligent enough to understand the oath or he just does not give a damn. Either one makes him and others like him a true danger and they have no business holding any elected office.


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