Let’s do it, Congressman

After voting in Congress for the spending package that President Trump now calls a “disgrace,” and after failing to object to the pitifully-low $600-per-person stimulus payment that Republican Congressional leaders insisted on for months, Congressman Cline has dutifully fallen into line with Trump by supporting a $2,000-per-person payment.

Undoubtedly there is some “wasteful spending” in the bill, but– as always– it would be good to know what Cline considers wasteful spending.

Cline’s utter sycophancy to Trump apparently overrode his pious “we can’t afford it” talk. But in this instance Trump (and Cline) are right. The soaring number of COVID-19 cases and the massive suffering endured by tens of millions of Americans who are unemployed, hungry or facing eviction require immediate and massive relief.

So as monotonously critical as Cline is of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I hope he will put aside his usual partisan point-scoring and join with her in getting it done.

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