Cline claims to back $2,000 relief payments, then votes NO

Let’s review what just happened.

On December 23, Congressman Cline published this on his campaign Facebook page:

To repeat, Cline posted:

There is too much wasteful spending in the massive omnibus spending bill, and the $600 rescue checks in the COVID relief need to be increased to $2000 per person.

Now, five days later, the House of Representatives has voted 275 to 134 for a stand-alone bill to do exactly what Cline said needed to be done: to increase the inadequate $600 per person COVID-19 relief payments to $2,000.

And among the 134 members of Congress voting against the increase was none other than Congressman Cline.

So while Cline told us last week that the $2,000 payment was needed, he couldn’t bring himself to actually, y’know, vote for it.

Perhaps he has a perfectly good explanation which his thousands of constituents in desperate financial straits due to the pandemic may be interested to hear.

Don’t you, Congressman?

UPDATE: Here is Cline’s lame explanation for his NO vote.

Trump said nothing about making the payment increases dependent on spending cuts. Cline is more of a Trumpist than Trump himself.

2 thoughts on “Cline claims to back $2,000 relief payments, then votes NO

  1. Agree with Ms. Herrmann about Cline and Trump’s acts of sedition against the U.S. Poor Cong. Cline and other Republicans have followed D. Trump so long they can’t think straight – thus, their confused words and actions.


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