Fighting back

The following ad, sponsored by the Lexington and Rockbridge County Democratic Committees, appeared in the Nov. 24 edition of The News-Gazette, which circulates in Lexington, Rockbridge and Buena Vista.

Enough of letting Congressman Cline’s evasion, deceit and failures go unanswered!

Feel free use it in any way you can to help spread the word about Cline’s utter inability to stand up for the people of the Sixth District.

2 thoughts on “Fighting back

  1. Gene.

    This is the sort of thing I’ve been thinking about. Well done! Would it be possible to contact other Dem committees up and down the valley? Encourage them to replicate what we have done? And, next year, we intensify things, calling attention to other votes against working class voters. I’ll be glad to support the effort.



  2. Hi Pat,
    Thanks. I’ve been trying to do this via Facebook. I will also contact other local Dem committees in the Sixth District and urge them to do what you suggest.


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