Cline’s latest excuse for worker shortage

In an interview with WSLS TV, Congressman Cline blamed the current worker shortage on vaccine mandates.

“I’ve been traveling around to manufacturers all around the area, and that’s the first thing they say is we’re having trouble getting employees, and these mandates will have us lose employees at a critical time. It’ll make it that much harder for our economy to recover,” Cline said.


“Businesses are just struggling to get back on their feet to end they’re having a hard time getting employees to put businesses at the risk of having to lose a quarter or a third of their employees. It might just be enough to put them under,” Cline said.

In fact as of October, only 5 percent of workers said they had quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated. And a lot of major companies have imposed their own vaccine mandates regardless of government requirements.

It was only last June that Cline was blaming the labor shortage on temporary unemployment payments making workers too lazy to take any undesirable low-wage jobs on offer.

But states that cut off these benefits early failed to achieve a major increase in employment, CNBC reported in August. Instead they “fueled a nearly $2 billion cut in household spending, potentially hurting their local economies.”

The data suggests unemployment benefits aren’t playing a big role in hiring challenges and that other factors are having a larger impact — a similar thrust to other recent research analyzing the policy decisions.

The real solution to labor shortages– along with wider access to child care— may shock Cline and others with such contempt for low-wage workers.

The Build Back Better plan in Congress would enable millions of parents to obtain affordable child care and make it possible for them to enter the workforce.

But Congressman Cline calls Build Back Better “an abomination.”

Of course he does.

2 thoughts on “Cline’s latest excuse for worker shortage

  1. Guessing Cline has never had to worry about job vs. child care or elder care or care for a spouse or other with a chronic illness or disability. Walk in some others’ moccasins, Ben. You’ll see how much BBB is needed.


  2. The willingness of Ben to tell absolute lies continues to amaze and disgust me. A true democracy thrives on honest disagreement and open and honest discussion of factual information. It makes me wonder if this is the best that Ben has to offer. Ben is not alone in this, it seems to be a disease that has infected many elected officials. Reminds me of the verse in a country song when a guy gets caught out and don’t have a good explanation for his misdeeds,”Buddy I Lied”.


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