Cline versus mandates (continued)

It appears Congressman Cline has decided to make opposition to vaccine mandates a key issue of his reelection campaign.

In November he made the ridiculous claim that mandates were responsible for the labor shortage.

Now he has posted this campaign ad on Facebook:

What stands out here is the shameful scaremongering.

There is no COVID-19 vaccine mandate for children in Virginia or anywhere else. But there are vaccine mandates to protect children from other diseases. Until recently these were almost entirely uncontroversial. I presume Cline’s own children had to get them. There’s no doubt these vaccines have saved many thousands of children from serious illness or death.

The image this ad presents– of a child cowering in terror while some heartless medical professional prepares to painfully inject God-knows-what into him– is insidious.

Like most children, I hated getting shots. Although it was a long time ago, I seem to remember screaming at the prospect and crying for some time afterwards. But you know what? I’m damn glad I got them.

In January Cline posted this on his Congressional Facebook page:

At the time I replied:

So Congressman, are you saying that public schools should not be allowed to require ANY of the vaccinations that have been mandated for decades with no serious opposition?

Yes or no?

I did not get a response then. But I’d still like to know the answer. I’m sure many others in the Sixth District would too.

I hope they and the local media will ask him.

One thought on “Cline versus mandates (continued)

  1. Ben and people of his ilk are shameless and it is all about them, not the welfare of the people they are elected to represent.


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