Now will you denounce him, Congressman? (A continuing series)

Congressman Cline likes to talk about how devoted he is to the United States Constitution. He considers it a point of pride to carry a copy of the Constitution in his pocket wherever he goes.

So surely Cline– who called Trump “our great president” six months after his term ended, who boasted about his endorsement from Trump in his 2022 reelection campaign and included it in his campaign advertising, who accepted a $5,000 campaign donation from Trump’s “Save America” PAC– must be feeling furious and betrayed that Trump has publicly declared that he wants to terminate the Constitution in order to be reinstated as President.

At least he ought to be.

Ever since Cline was elected in 2018, local media have been too willing to let him skate without answering tough questions– about Trump and many other matters.

So let me suggest the following questions for the Congressman: Is it OK with you if someone who takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States thinks it can be terminated at his convenience? Do you stand by your statement of November 29 that you will support Trump if he is the Republican candidate for President in 2024?

2 thoughts on “Now will you denounce him, Congressman? (A continuing series)

  1. You are NOT a true American! Try READING that Constitution that you claim to carry with you at all times!! Trump is a Nazi and so are you as a supporter of him. You should be ashamed. RESIGN!! Let a TRUE AMERICAN, like JENNIFER LEWIS, be our Rep!


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